We present a new work by Bobruisk resident Yulia Kravets (Ragneidr) and invite you to evaluate the new role of the artist, who conveys a message not from the fictional worlds of Red Dead Redemption II, but from the real world

Ragneidr. Wings.
Ragneidr. Wings. 297×420, pencil drawing, 2024.

In the center of the picture is an angel who fell from heaven.

The classic biblical story also suggests the presence of an image of an angry God who looks down from above. But from above we see a zombie crow and a military plane – a collective image of aggression.

He was probably shot down, that’s the first thought, but no, let’s take a closer look: there are wounds, but the angel’s wings are intact, and there is no defeat in his gaze.

The angel’s gaze is fixed on the sky, where the battle continues, and it seems that he is just waiting for the moment to enter the fray and deliver the decisive blow.

Perhaps the angel did not fall from heaven to earth at all. Look at his face under the layer of black smoke and bloody wounds, he is still just a child.

A child angel is a symbol of faith and hope for the future. He waits, looks fearlessly, slightly naively, but completely calmly.

Pay attention to another important detail of the picture: the hourglass. They have just begun to measure the time, and the messenger seems to be waiting in the wings.

He is ready to cover the earth with his large wings.

His wings are larger than the wings of an airplane and a raven.

Do you know how quickly children grow?

Do you know how quickly children of war grow up?

I would like to end with the words of the poet Yoska Katsman :

На минном поле белый ангел
уселся слева на плечо
подумал я что притомился
а он мне говорит не трожь


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